unseasy plays, a handbook for creating drama, two collections of short stories and two novels.


Will at the Tower    

He was sixteen, travelling with the most wanted man in the country, and hiding in the houses of religious fundamentalists. The authorities were closing in. The year was 1580, the place, Hoghton Tower, Lancashire. His name was Will Shakespeare or Shakeshaft. It depended on who was asking.

Will at the Tower unravels the pivotal year in Shakespeare’s adolescence. His adventures, his mistakes, his narrow escapes, his first loves, and most of all, the decisions he made that shaped his infamous future. It is the story of how the Bard lost his boyhood.  Will at the Tower eBook

    The Atheist's Prayer Book

This is a compendium of short stories in search of the super in the natural. 

It is a quest to reveal the spiritual in the secular, the exceptional in the ordinary and the eternal in the momentary. Its blend of orthodox narrative and magical realism cuts into the darkness of misfortune and misadventure to intrigue the thoughtful and enchant the curious.



The author is a prize-winning playwright whose prose has been compared to that of Christopher Priest, J.G. Ballard and Alan 

Garner, and this collection is very much in harmony with the philosophy of the latter, who has suggested that the purpose of stories is in serving our need to make sense of the natural world and of the hidden forces in ourselves.  Athiest's Paryer Book ebook

The Sherlock Holmes Solution

This is a full-length play for six actors: three female and three male.

The infamous duo of Holmes and Watson are consulted at their Baker Street residence by a factory owner and farmer whose livestock are falling victim to a mysterious fatal illness. What he finds is the most terrifying threat to himself, and to his reputation, that he has ever had to face.

"Peter Hartley provided not only a well-judged plot but a cleverly crafted piece of work that flowed smoothly and sustained the interest. "    Lancashire Evening Post, July 1986Sherlock Holmes Solution ebook


Making Myra  a play for three actors. 

What made Myra Hindley into the most notorious icon of serial killing evil? Her background? Her upbringing? Ian Brady? All of these or none of them? Was she simply the product of her times as northern England emerged from post-war austerity into the heady petrol, vinyl, and hairspray fuelled youth culture of the sixties? Or was she jus
t a psychological anomaly? Was there anything anyone could have done to avert the terrible crimes that sealed her fate and destroyed the lives of five families between 1963 and 1966? Making Myra ebook

  Siren and Saving Grace   

Siren is a play for four females and one male. It charts the tale of an American airman based in the UK during the Second World War. The story is told from the perspectives of the two women with whom he corresponded, one in the United States and the other in England. When he fails to return from a mission over Germany, his letters from both women are returned to just one of them. The two meet up twenty years later.

Saving Grace is a play for one performer. Performed on a bare stage with no props, the play recreates the story of Grace Darling (1815 – 1842) who became internationally famous as a consequence of her actions following the wreck of the Forfarshire on the Farne Islands in 1838. It also depicts her desperate struggle with the storm of attention she subsequently received during her short life. Siren and Saving Grace ebook

Drama: What it is and how to do it

his is a guide for beginners or for more experienced actors who are looking to broaden their range of techniques or progress into directing. It features lots of simple but proven practical tips ranging from how to learn lines to coping with the morning after the closing night. The author has taught drama since 1984. He began acting in 1968 and has the experience of being involved in over 300 productions the majority of them as director and/or producer.     Drama-What-how-do-ebook

Christmas Present

“Christmas Present is a collection of short ghost stories very much in the oral tradition of M.R. James or Charles Dickens. 

The stories are all reasonably contemporary and quickly draw the reader in to the story with well-grounded likeable characters. The stories move pleasingly quickly and don't outstay their welcome.”

Christmas Present ebook

Ice & Lemon

“An excellent novel. Stunningly assured, gripping from the off.”

“Brilliantly told and full of humour and pathos, dealing with grand themes on a localised level.”

 “The story moves at a tremendous pace with shocks and surprises around every corner and a truly mind blowing conclusion.” Ice & Lemon ebook


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