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Will at the Tower 

 Where the Bard left his boyhood

 A play by Pete Hartley.


You are sixteen, travelling with companions who are suspected of being a threat to national security,and staying in the houses of religious fundamentalists.  Your family and friends have been persecuted and you are uncertain about how brave you can be.

Now the authorities are closing in on your latest refuge.

 The year is 1580, the place is Hoghton Tower, Lancashire, and your name is

 Will Shakespeare, or Shakspere, or Shakeshaft.

It depends on who is asking.



Photos and audience feedback:






 "I just wanted to say that I thought the production of Will at the Tower on Thurs 18 Feb was wonderful -electrifying in parts! It was worth every penny and more and I wouldn't hesitate to go to another play by uneasy theatre."





  "I don't think I have watched a piece of drama for a long time that was so engaging.  A fantastic achievement."



"The script, the acting, the atmosphere, the production were all first class.  It was just fantastic."


"This was magnificent !!!! The story, the acting, the costumes were all superb.  From the comments I heard around me I am sure the rest of the audience enjoyed it as much as I did. To have such a first class performance in that appropriate setting made it a special evening."

   "Will at the Tower was utterly amazing! Enchanting doesn't even begin to cover how the play was for me. Honestly, I don't even know which parts to pick out to you because it was just so good!"




 "I absolutely loved the show last night - congratulations!"

 Will at the Tower is now a novel.
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Will at the Tower eBook


Ruff Will

a short sequel to Will at the Tower
charting the arrival of the young William Shakespeare at Rufford Hall was performed as part of Ringing Back the Lost Years (The Rufford Shakespeare Bell Project) at Rufford Old Hall on Saturday 21st April 2012.


Drinking with Don Quixote.

At The New Continental, South Meadow Lane, Preston. 7.30pm Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th October 2010.


Audience feedback:


"I don't feel I put across just how incredibly

 good the show was the other night.

It was utterly hilarious, vitally modern and

 deeply moving."


"Excellent: the best money you will

 spend this month."



"Absolutely loved Drinking with Don Q last

 night! It was great fun and fabulously




"Brilliant! every moment of madness was

 just genius and such a marvelous cast!"



"I'm having trouble

getting some of the tunes

out of my head. I had a great night."



"Not laughed so much for longer than I can




"It was absolutely brilliant."



"Very, very funny."


"I'd never have believed that a plunger

and colander could be used

in such inventive ways!"


"Drinking with Don Quixote was a



Making Myra




Very thought provoking and poignant with some electric and sinister moments that made me shudder.


Last Thursday, we were privileged to attend a performance of 'Making Myra' at The Continental, Preston. I must admit that I was a little concerned that the play would somehow exonerate Myra from the evil things she did but how wrong can you be? The play was exceptional in every aspect - the script, the set and most of all, the acting. The audience was spellbound throughout. The many themes explored were disturbing, interspersed with humour, pathos and intensity and culminated with Myra weeping at the end. Congratulations to the whole team. It was a really memorable evening. We look forward to attending more 'Uneasy' productions.



I found the performance to be a poignant tribute to all of the victims of the moors murderers. The story was gritty and had the audience spiralling through a vast array of emotions. Overall a strong production with an exceptional performance from all actors who delivered a thought-provoking and emotive script. (Posted on Manchester Evening News website.)


Making Myra is a well written, exceptionally acted (especially by Victoria Glover) and well staged production. however, most importantly, it manages to approach the subject matter without portraying Hindley as either a tragic hero or helpless victim whilst at the same time making her more than a mere pantomime villain. Is Making Myra perfect? certainly not. Is it the most well-balanced and realised depiction of Hindley we’re likely to see in our lifetimes? most probably.

(Posted at: http://guygarrud.com/2011/04/15/making-myra/)




Well done to everyone involved! Such an amazingly strong cast! Superb acting! A very powerful performance.



Very powerful, brilliant performances by all three, parts keep coming back to me.



Well done to all. The perfect antithesis to the swinging sixties. Loved the writing and the three individual performances were strong. This was at least as good as the 3 London productions I've seen this week.



The play was very well done, by the way. And it was not easy to watch. I found Brady's character more terrible than Myra's.
(Posted on Manchester Evening News website.)


It was fantastic! Really quite emotional actually. The cast were amazing, complete justice given to the script.

Well done to all involved



It was very thought provoking and the time simply flew by.


An awesome production.

 Making Myra ebook



Music Theatre produced in association with

Cardinal Newman College Dance Academy

Written and directed by Pete Hartley
Music composed and arranged by James Cruickshanks
Choreography by Isabel Elder.


 It kicked off proper on Church Street last night, just like the old days November 1715 to be precise, as Preston’s Uneasy Theatre and Cardinal Newman Dance Academy joined forces to recreate the last battle fought on English soil. (from a review posted at Blog Preston)


Traditional Scottish folk songs, like the rabble rousing ‘Ye Jacobites by Name’ and energetic re-enactments of the savage fighting in streets of Preston by Cardinal Newman Dance Academy combined with live music by James Cruickshanks and superb performances from the Uneasy Theatre cast created a stirring piece of drama depicting an important moment in Preston’s history. (from a review posted at Blog Preston)

We a (party of four) attended Jacobite last evening and we were all blown away with your portrayal of this event in history, the actors, dancers, music, etc. all complemented each other in a totally professional production, very well done to one and all.

Hi, We went to see Jacobite last night, and we just wanted to say how much we enjoyed it. The cast, the music, the production were all excellent. We booked it on the spur of the moment, after having seen it in the LEP, we will definitely keep an eye on your website for your future productions.

Nothing makes you feel good like seeing a play that makes you proud of where you live, Jacobite was amazingly done, and was well and truly worth seeing - brilliant!

A truly wonderful evening

Just wanted to say thoroughly enjoyed show last night, the acting, singing, dancing and music were very moving. A credit to you all. I watched the show with 5 other family members and they all said afterwards what a fantastic show it was, my mum and myself had a tear in our eye when it finished and we could not stop talking about the show on the drive home. 

well done everyone, great show

. . . awesome performances from everyone . . .

well done everyone, it was fantastic!

Well done to all concerned, can’t wait for the next show!!!!


at the Korova Arts Café.


“Just wanted to say that Siren was brilliant.  It was wonderfully crafted and the cast were fabulous.”

“A great tale, with great acting and an intelligent piece of text...”

“Top quality theatre”

“The costume, excellent sound and lighting plots, direction and use of a thrust ‘stage’ bring the audience right into the dynamic and heartstrings of the play.”


The full text of the play, the production programme, 
plus a one act play based on the tragedy of lifeboat heroine Grace Darling (1815 -1842)
is now available for less than £2, from Amazon.

Siren and Saving Grace ebook


February 2017

Pictures from rehearsals and audience feedback:


A ricochet riot of fun! (The Lancashire Post)

A mystical, fabulous and really quite disturbing lighthouse!

The time flies by in an enthusiastic and freeform hour of studio theatre. (The Lancashire Post)

Uttely bonkers but great fun!

Dreamlike yet energetic, very funny and yes very enjoyable.

'Twas truly fab.

Brilliant show tonight. Laughed from start to finish.

Wonderfully post-modern.

It was excellent.  Very funny.  Genius!

Very entertaining night. Think my mother learnt some new words!

We really enjoyed it. Great to see an original piece.  Well done to all involved.


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